How long should I practice?


When asked “how often should I practice?” I say “every day”. “How much every day?” I suggest “as much as you love it, and then a little bit longer than that.” If someone loves doing it for 10 minutes a day, then 20. If it’s 2 hours a day, then 2 and a half. But I don’t like to tell young students the MUST practice and make it a chore, or something that they feel MADE to do. Consistency is the key. But the desire to do so truly motivates.

I try to instill in them that they are explorers, and that they are setting out on a journey, upon which I am their trusted guide. They should wake up wondering “what will I discover today?” They should be curious and eager to get out there and explore. I give them the maps, tools, ships, points of interest. I show them how to interpret the maps, read a compass, and find their way. If they see it from this perspective, they are often inspired to become a great explorer of the craft, and not just “do what I show you”, or “listen kid, your parents are paying for this, you should practice or you’re wasting their money”. They feel, hopefully, that THEY are part of the exploration, part of a journey no one else has been on, taking pride and ownership of their path.

  • Scott Jones – Guitar Instructor

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